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A vision for
a viable future
from business

We are operating in an economic system where the "account does not close".

We generate many excesses and,
at the same time, a lot of scarcity.

Excesses in the house we live in, warming the planet, acidifying our soil, polluting the air we breathe and so on.

Scarcity regarding physical, mental, emotional and spiritual human well-being.


And between the ceiling - the planet's natural limits - and the foundation - human well-being for all - we need to find ways to generate and manage value in the economic system.


We are entering the decade of the most important changes in human history.


We have already spent 20 years of the 21st century acting automatically under the same economic paradigm.


Despite recognizing major changes in the context, we still have difficulty acting according to a new conscience that can respond to the challenges of our time.


The truth is that we can no longer continue to act in the same way .

To build a viable future , we have to change the way we do business.


Businesses must be generative , acting to generate positive systemic value , that is, that they act for the regeneration of the Earth, generate social welfare and financial return.

We need to bring the positive systemic impact to the center of our operations:

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Generative businesses are those capable of generating positive systemic value from their core activity, wherever they are operating.


This means that, as time goes by, because of your performance, the world tends to become a better place for everyone.

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The way we see and understand the world determines how we act in it.

Our greatest transforming power lies right there. We need to change our look.


Our purpose is to create ways to generative business. We work to make these businesses feasible in building a viable future, respecting the natural limits of the planet, generating social welfare and economic prosperity, in a win-win-win manner.


Building a viable future is the challenge of the century!

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